From dancing fountain to erupting volcanoes to exotic locations, Las Vegas is the city of dreams that brings the best entertainment at your feet. The city has everything from delicious dining to Family Vacation Home Rentals Las Vegas to thrilling outdoor activities that fit for all ages.

Las Vegas Springs Preserve

If you need a break from the debauchery, this reserve is located just 4 km west of downtown. The site extends over 72 hectares of reserved territory that are made up of desert botanical gardens, museum galleries, open-air concert halls, theaters, and a series of winding hiking trails through the wetlands.

Try your luck

What goes to Las Vegas is to bet, and Caesars Palace still tops the list of casino games in the city of sin; poker, slots, and games for money are some of them. You can also participate in a poker game with high stakes at the legendary Golden Nugget in the center, at the roulette of the Royale Casino, or in a set of dice in Sam’s Town. Besides, Staying at Luxury Vacation Villa Rentals Las Vegas could be the next cross from the bucket of yours.


However, if you are looking for something more exciting, you will have to choose between names such as Big Shot, X Scream, or Insanity (vertigo attractions). You will find them all in the Stratosphere, the tallest building in Las Vegas.

Visit the Tequila-Goddess

No kidding, the city takes its shots very seriously! That’s why they hire a “Goddess Tequila” for a full day, and their specialty is tequilas at the Isla bar in Treasure Island.

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